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Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. Depending on the severity of the spinal curvature, the risk increases. When the degree of the deformity is more scoliosis, surgery is preferred. Scoliosis surgery in Hyderabad helps to eliminate the risks of curve progression, reduces the deformity, and improves the trunk balance.

The object of scoliosis surgery

The main aim of scoliosis surgery is to realign and fuse the curved vertebrae in the spinal column. Scoliosis surgery can improve the functionality of the spine and friction in the spinal cord discs.

Reasons for Scoliosis Surgery:

  • To remove osteoid osteoma
  • Chronic back pain and leg pain
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Congenital disorders
  • Injuries or infection of the spine
  • Respiratory deficiency
  • A bulge on one side of the chest
  • The fusion of vertebrae in the spinal

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Diagnosis of Scoliosis:

The scoliosis problems usually confirmed through directly using physical examination and some other imaginary tests which include

  • X-ray
  • Spinal radiograph
  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • Scoliometer
  • Plumb line test
  • Myelogram
  • CAT scan

Benefits of Scoliosis surgery:

Surgery is an option for severe scoliosis problems such as (spine curvatures of more than 50degress). The benefits of scoliosis surgery include

  • Stops the curve from progressing
  • Reduce rib prominence
  • Avoids the spinal deformity
  • Avoids the segment motion
  • Improves lung and heart health
  • Avoid future complications such as arthritis, back pain.

Preparation for the Scoliosis surgery:

  • Know the complete details about the surgery from the surgeon
  • Patients must stop smoking
  • Avoid using anti-inflammatory medications
  • The surgeon will perform some test to check the severity of the spine condition
  • Depending on the diagnosis result, the spine surgeon will perform the surgery.

Process of scoliosis surgery:

  • Under general anaesthetic conditions, the surgeon will make a tiny incision near the curved spine area.
  • The surgeon will now fix the curved part of the spine by using nuts, screws, and plates.
  • To reduce the fusion between the vertebrae of the spine, the surgeon will insert bone grafts between the fusion.
  • As time progresses, these bone grafts will fuse and become solid bone.

What to expect from scoliosis surgery?

  • Avoids the chronic back pain
  • Improves the posture of the spinal cord
  • Avoid the friction between the discs
  • Stabilizes spine and stops the abnormal progression curvature of the spine
  • Enhances the quality of life

Post-op care of scoliosis surgery:

Post-operative care is vital in any spine surgery. The care after having scoliosis surgery includes

  • After having the surgery, the patient needs to stay at the hospital for a week.
  • The spine surgeon will examine the patient for surgery complications.
  • After a couple of weeks, the physiotherapist will examine the recovery rate.
  • Even after discharge from the hospital, the patient should take proper care.
  • The patient has to follow diet, exercise, and therapies prescribed by the physiotherapist to achieve better spine functionality.

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Scoliosis surgery cost in Hyderabad:

Dr Surya Praksh Rao provides the best scoliosis surgery in Hyderabad at affordable prices. The scoliosis condition every individual is different from others. So, the cost of scoliosis surgery varies from person to person. The factors that affect scoliosis surgery cost in Hyderabad include

  • Type of procedure used
  • The complexity of the spinal curvature
  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Location of the hospital
  • Facilities available

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What is the recovery time after scoliosis surgery?

The scoliosis surgery is a major spine surgery that needs 5-6 weeks to recover and return to your day to day activities. But the full recovery may take 6-12 months after the surgery. The recovery after having the scoliosis surgery may vary depending on the age and severity of the spine condition.

To know more details about the scoliosis surgery and its cost, contact Dr Surya Praksh Rao now.

What is the role of the spine surgeon in cervical myelopathy treatment?

Dr Surya Prakash Rao is an experienced spine surgeon in Hyderabad offers effective scoliosis surgery in Hyderabad to diminish the risks of improper spine alignment and deformities. He has hands-on experience in performing complicated spine surgeries and achieving better posture and functionality of the spine.

  • Provides the complete details about the scoliosis surgery
  • Performs the complete diagnosis to know about the severity of the spine curvature
  • Explains the effective and appropriate surgery methods
  • Performs the surgery using minimally invasive treatment methods
  • Regularly check-up will be performed to monitor your recovery after the surgery
  • Fewer regular follow-ups to obtain the best possible results

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FAQs about Scoliosis surgery in Hyderabad:

1. What is the success rate of scoliosis surgery?

The success rate of scoliosis surgery is very high compared to other spine surgeries. Almost 70% of the patients experiencing chronic back pain due to the deformity of the spine will recover from this surgery.

2. Will the patent need another surgery to remove the rods that were used for bone fusion?

It depends on the patient’s decision. To remove the inserted rods and screws, it requires another surgery. If the discomfort of rods in the spine after having the scoliosis surgery is high, then only the surgeon will opt for another surgery to remove them.

3. Does scoliosis surgery affect the height of the patient?

Scoliosis surgery eliminates the deformity of the spine, which makes the patient look better. This may also stop spinal development in the fused spinal region. Since this operation is done only after skeletal development, the patient’s height may be impacted only minimally.

4. Does scoliosis surgery affect fertility in women?

Scoliosis surgery doesn’t affect fertility in women. It does not cause any particular complication during pregnancy, labour, delivery etc.

5. How can I contact Dr Surya Prakash Rao for the best Scoliosis surgery in Hyderabad?

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