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Revision Spine Surgery in Hyderabad

Revision spine surgeries are much more complicated surgeries and should be done by an experienced and dedicated surgeon. Dr Surya Prakash, a fellowship trained, and board-certified spine surgeon specialises in revision surgeries and has extensive experience in all aspects of revision surgeries. He is a leading spine surgeon in Hyderabad India in the complete array of spinal treatments from the most basic to advanced procedures using to correct or fix all spinal deformities.

He only uses the latest technology and minimally invasive spine surgeries for treating all the spine related disorders. He helps the patients in choosing their treatment plans and supports them throughout the treatment procedure. He also advises on physiotherapy and rehabilitation, which are a must for successful postoperative recovery.

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What is Revision Spine Surgery?

Revision spine surgery is a reparative surgery done to correct the issues of initial spine surgery. It outweighs the complications of unsuccessful spine procedure. It eliminates the disadvantages of living with pain, by offering relief from debilitating pain and avoids the need for further surgeries.

Every surgery carries some risk. As a complicated surgery, spine surgery is also associated with certain risks. Revision surgery is even more complex procedure that can result in scar tissues, compromised bone and tissue quality.

Reasons for Revision Spine Surgery

Spine surgery can help you relieve pain and enhance your overall quality of life. Revision spine surgery is recommended for the people who are experiencing the symptoms even after the spine surgery. The following are the most common reasons for considering spine surgery.

  • Incorrect diagnosis
  • Improper healing of spine fusion
  • Improper placement of implants
  • The herniated disc even after discectomy
  • Spinal instability
  • Surgical area infection

Symptoms of Revision Spine Surgery

  • Chronic back pain
  • Numbness or sensation loss
  • Shooting pain affecting your back, legs, neck and arms

Candidates for Revision Spine Surgery

Patients suffering from one or the following conditions are considered to be an ideal candidate for revision spine surgery.

  • Spine degeneration
  • Reherniation of a disc
  • Postsurgical infection
  • Excessive scar tissue at the incision site
  • Pseudoarthrosis
  • Hardware failure
  • Spinal instability
  • Flat back syndrome

Assessing The Failed Surgery

During your initial consultation, Dr Surya Prakash will first try to figure out the root cause for the failure of the surgery. He will also assess your symptoms and order fewer imaging tests if he feels necessary. Depending on the results of the diagnostic tests, he will determine the treatment option that has the highest likelihood of safety.

Diagnosis and Testing

Dr Surya Prakash recommends the nonsurgical treatment options for treating the symptoms of failed surgery. If all the nonsurgical treatments have proven inappropriate, then he will consider a revision spine surgery to reduce your pain and other complications such as infections, and instability.

However, the decision to undergo revision spine surgery depends on the diagnosis of failed spine surgery. As a revision surgery, it involves several complications. So, Dr Surya Prakash will conduct a thorough diagnosis and discusses all the postsurgical complications. He will also suggest some post-surgical instructions which you need to follow for the successful recovery following the procedure.

Revision Spine Surgery – Procedure

You will be given anaesthesia to make you unconscious before the surgery, and type of anaesthesia depends upon on your overall health conditions. During the procedure, Dr Surya Prakash will make a small incision outlining the previous surgical incisions.

All the previously placed instrumentations will be removed and replaced with new bone grafts to promote bone formation. In some instances, a bone growth stimulator may also be implanted to promote quicker bone healing.

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Why Choose Dr Surya Prakash for Revision Spine Surgery in Hyderabad?

  • Revision surgery from best pain management expert
  • A customised pain management plan for each patient
  • Use of most advanced, minimally invasive techniques
  • Highest quality care following the surgery
  • Personalised and precise treatment plans
  • Use of most advanced equipment, and innovative therapies
  • Physiotherapy assistants and rehabilitation programs
  • Best followup care

Revision Spine Surgery FAQs

Why Spinal Fusion Fail?

Fusion surgery is the most common reason for opting a reparative or revision spine surgery. It is an effective treatment option for chronic back pain but can fail at instances such as hardware problems, infections, and new spine issues, etc.

Is Revision Spine Surgery For Me?

The decision to undergo revision spine surgery depends on the initial diagnosis, and often carries some risks, making it a complicated process. It is always advised to meet an experienced doctor who has handled severe cases before finalising the surgery.

Will I Need Physical Therapy After Revision Spinal Surgery?

Physical therapy is a must to regain the lost spinal range of mobility. Dr Surya Prakash will refer you to the physical therapist who will suggest you the right exercises for strengthening the motion of your spine.

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