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  • Sayantan Chowdhury

    Spinal Disorders

    After running from pillar to post finding the issue, we were blessed to have met with such a genius doctor. Hospital staff were after money and pushing us for operation when my father was severely critical – acute sepsis with multiple organ dysfunction and sever back pain. He was persistent on not needing for an operation immediately but instead recover through better immunity build up and less meds. over the course of 15 months my father took meds and we noticed many side effects including peripheral arthritis and blindness, I recall a time when my father was not able to see anything and Dr Surya Prakash replied to my email spontaneously and we could see positive signs with his eyesight within a week. We have so much faith on him that we didn’t see any General physician or pulmonologist after 5 months of treatment as they were mostly after visiting fees or otherwise confusing. On the other hand Dr Surya Prakash was highly professional and asked to pay visit only after 6 months and gradually but surely we saw the progress. My father is now recovering quick, he is no longer in bed, moving around and doing house work at ease. A lot of credit goes to this experienced and sincere doctor for handling the case with sensitivity and with the sole aim of helping the patient.

  • Dr Surya Prakash is one of the best spine surgeons i have seen till now. I would give him top and best rating for his Skills.He really treats his patients at utmost care and has empathy towards patients.
    One special character i noticed was- he is able to tell the case details without seeing the file.

    He is patient enough in answering the doubts. I would recommend him with no doubt.

    On top of all the above he is a very good human being.

  • One of the best spins surgeons in India.I was amazed by seeing how he handles his patients. Highly recommended.

  • Excellent doctor He treats the patient very well and he don’t prescrib unnecessary tests.He is one of the best doctor in Hyderabad for Ortho and spine reletaed problems.

  • Supriyo Das

    Spinal Surgery

    My mother, 75 years old was completely bedridden due to fracture in her backbone in August 2018. Surgery was the only option but due to her old age backbone surgery was too risky as per doctors, family and friends. We lost all hopes before i went through the reviews of Dr. V Surya Prakash Rao and consulted him. In the first meeting itself he was confident to cure my mother through a painless surgery. Just one hour after the surgery my mother was able to walk and now today she is able to walk without any support too. The patient gets 50% cured before the surgery itself by his warm behaviour. A Great Doctor , Great human being and God.

  • Rohit Khare

    Neck Pain

    Since the X-Ray was normal, doctor recommended me physiotherapy neck exercises. The good thing is doctor doesn’t want to make you addicted to medicines. In these type of cases he recommends not be dependant on medicines and make your body fit.

  • Sowjanya

    Lower Back Pain

    Nice receiving.faster analysis of problem.very much friendly approach to best suggestions. No unwanted approachable. Thank you very much sir…..for such affordable approach to patients.

  • Testimonial

    Spinal Surgery

    In 2007 i undergone spinesurgery by dr.suryaprakash sir.Till now there is no such instanse arise of major health issue as before surgery.Before surgery i cant able to walk for 10 feets. Now i recently walk through a small mountain.He gave me second life and infinnite hope for me.Now iam bank manager in indian overseas bank. I have two childrens.All my dreams comes true only because of my god Mr.suryaprakash sir.

  • Testimonial

    Scoliosis Correction

    such a great and wonderful doctor,very polite really treats patient and patient attendants with great care I am really happy with Dr .Surya sister’s operation is successful

    Dr.surya prakash beats people with his experience and his words and work are really flattering

    Thank you so much doctor

  • Testimonial

    Spine pain

    Problem explanation was very good and explained in understable manner. Very patience in answering the doubts

  • Sincere thanks to Dr. Surya Prakash and to MaxCure Madhapur

    I got sudden sharp pain in the left leg and pain become unbearable instantaneously. I was not able to walk due to leg pain. I had to rush to hospital for help, and Dr. Surya Prakash (Spine specialist) reviewed my case. Surgery was performed by Dr. Surya Prakash Rao to address the problem. I am now able to walk without any issue. My sincere thanks to Dr. Surya Prakash for timely help and advise. I strongly recommend Dr. Surya Prakash the treatment.

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