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Do you still suffer from back pain even after trying everything you can think of? 

You’ve tried exercises, massages, and pain relievers, but none of them is working? 

The next question that arises would be whether I need to undergo spine surgery? If so, how safe is it?

Many myths have been swirling around regarding spinal surgeries, which made making a decision to undergo spine surgery much more difficult. Getting to know all those myths and the truth behind them is the first thing you have to do before making any decisions. Taking your doctor’s advice is always the right choice, as they can tell you whether surgery is a good option or not for your spinal condition. 

If you have any concerns or issues related to your spine, consult Dr. Surya Prakash, the best spine surgeon in Hyderabad.

Myth1: Spinal Surgery is always a very major procedure.

Whenever a spinal procedure is performed, it does not necessarily mean it will be a very major operation. Though it is reasonable to consider that the spine surgery is major surgery there is no need to fear the same.There are many minimally invasive spine surgeries, i.e. a small incision is made to fix the spinal problem instead of a large cut. Most of these procedures are shorter and require less recovery time. Moreover, the chances of getting infections and pain after surgery is very less. You will also have reduced  scarring.

Myth#2: Spine surgeons always recommend spine surgeries. 

Surgery is one of the options but not the only option for spine problems. A spine surgeon always recommends conventional treatment like medication, physical therapy, and some other treatment options initially to cure your spine problem. Surgery is always a last resort that a spine surgeon might consider. You will undergo many tests, and based on the test results after a lot of observation, and you will have spine surgery.

Myth#3: The recovery process after spine surgery is very painful. 

Every surgery is accompanied by some pain, and every patient experiences it. Pain might be high after surgery for one or two days which will then reduce over time. For the first few weeks following surgery, you may feel mild to moderate pain, though it will not be severe. However, the surgeon will be prescribed pain medication based on the degree of pain you experience.

Myth#4: Spine surgery is rarely successful.

No, it’s not true. Sometimes surgery may not be successful, and it happens with some surgeries due to complications. Those individuals who aren’t able to heal properly can experience prolonged recovery.

More significantly, it is essential to discuss your surgical expectations with your doctor. Doctors and patients must spend time together discussing all elements of their rehabilitation, as well as the complications associated with surgery. 

However there could be some situations where the best and optimal time for performing the spine surgery is lost as the patient constantly procrastinates due to fear of surgery. So this delay may lead to irreversible changes and even a herculean surgery at that late stage may render spine surgery unsuccessful.

It is common for patients to feel that surgery was unsuccessful if their expectations are unrealistic or not discussed with their surgeon. It is crucial to convey your expectations clearly to your surgeon. Successful surgery is likely if the patient, family, and physician are involved in the decision-making process and realistic expectations are set.

Myth #5: Recovery takes months in bed after spinal surgery

No, it’s not true in all cases because the recovery from minimally invasive spinal procedures is very less. But in the case of an open spinal surgery, it takes some time to recover as longer incisions are made in the back that take more time to heal. 

With minimally invasive spinal surgery, the treatment area to be operated on is reduced, and patients do not have to stay in the hospital for an extended period after surgery. In fact, some patients may also be discharged the same day.

In our situation we accomplish 4 tasks before discharge of the patient.

  1. To be able to get up from bed and walk without support
  2. To be able to use the washroom independently
  3. To walk well
  4. To be able to use the stairs. 

We are able to accomplish these tasks in almost 95 percent of our post operative cases. 

In order to reduce the risk of complications, Dr. Surya Prakash, the best spine surgeon in Hyderabad, mostly prefers treating his patients with minimally invasive procedures. As a result, it requires smaller incisions, less blood loss, less scarring, and a much shorter recovery. 

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