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MRI means Magnetic resonance Imaging. It is a new technology which helps in the diagnosis of majority of back related problems. Previously one had to depend on plain x-rays and myelogram (an x-ray taken after injection of certain medicinal contrast material in the back).Computerized axial tomography (CT scan) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI Scan) which are in vogue since the last decade have completely revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of back problems. These techniques take several images of the spine, without the need of any injections on most occasions,and are the so-called non-invasive diagnostic techniques.These scanning techniques offer the advantages of a higher level of accuracy and sensitivity to pick up small details, often enabling an early diagnosis. These techniques have also thrown light on certain disease aspects previously not well understood.They show minute details of the back bones, the discs and the nerves and they show whether or not the disc has slipped and whether or not the nerves are getting compressed.Many other details are also appreciable.

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